February 4, 2017

After a beautiful week with crystal clear skies we woke this morning to snow!  What began as light snow turned heavier as the day went on and Vancouver is now covered in a blanket of snow!  At least 10cm fell today meaning that we played hooky from school, pulled out the toboggans and played in the lane behind our house!  So much fun!  

We have had a big week this week with Scooter arriving from Australia on Monday and then on Tuesday we moved to our new rental, which will be our home for the next 5 months!   Lets say moving home with just 11 bags is so much easier than moving a house!  Three trips in the car and we were done!  

Here are a few photos from today – Scooter seemed to enjoy the snow as well!

Sweet Style-6353

SledSweet Style-6362

Faster Daddy!Sweet Style-6367

HappySweet Style-6355

FunSweet Style-6377DownhillSweet Style-6405 Next …Sweet Style-6389Traffic FreeSweet Style-6398

Where is everyone?
Sweet Style-6407 First snowSweet Style-6411

White outSweet Style-6413

The neighboursSweet Style-6417Our streetSweet Style-6419Wait for me

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