January 27, 2017

Another week and more reflections! I am sure I will laugh when I look back at these reflections after we have lived here for 2 years.

1. Vancouver drivers are polite, drive at the speed limit (which is 50) and stop before the lights turn red – you do not under any circumstances put your foot to the ground and try and get through the orange light or block someone coming out of the side road!

2. I have had no problems driving on the opposite side of the road however I still have to stop and think twice about which side of the car I get in and I automatically reach over my right shoulder for my seat belt!

3. Sunglasses are more necessary here in Vancouver in the winter than in Sydney in summer – the sun does not go very high in the sky so it always seems to be right in your eyes.

4. Canadians seem to have better balance and a good recovery when walking on slippery ice! Obviously inbuilt at birth when you are born in a country where it snows and is icy!

5. School excursions for the girls have been trips to the ice skating rink and the tubing park! Only a few short months ago they were all off doing surf school at the beach – how cool is that!

6. All the winter clothes are on sale here however when I look at the average temperatures for the next few months in Vancouver I cant see where winter finishes?

7. I have moved on from beanies to boots – so many nice boots here!

8. The price of meat in Canada is RIDICULOUS! I saw lamb cutlets the other day for $79 per kilo!

9. Lamb Cutlets are called Popsicles – cute! (until you look at the price)

10. It is acceptable to wear Ugg boots to school!

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