May 29, 2011

Hello everyone – I am back – not that I have been anywhere except here burning the midnight oil putting together the finishing touches on my new website.

The other reason for my absence has been that my blogger account was having big problems last week so I could not log in, write any posts or leave any comments on anyones else’s blog.  
Pleased the problem seems to have resolved itself today so I thought I would drop in with some of my winter fashion favourites for the coming season – once again my virtual shopping spree has been at Seed Femme – classic easy to wear pieces at a reasonable prices.  While I am definitely a summer girl at heart I do enjoy winter fashion for it’s layering, long boots and cosy knits.  Is there something you love about winter fashion?

It is going to be a big and exciting week with the launch of my new website and online store – I can’t wait to share it with you all.


May 23, 2011

Saturday was one of those glorious weather days here in Sydney – after a week or so of cold weather that made us think we were in for a long winter, autumn returned in it’s glory.
So after the Saturday morning routine of taking kids to singing and dancing, my friend Natasha and I decided to throw 4 of the kids in the car and head to a beautiful part of the world know as Palm Beach.  We had an ulterior motive of course as we had been longing to visit a few hidden gems that could be found in this part of the northern beaches of Sydney.
First stop was the gorgeous store Little Paper Lane in Mona Vale – a stationery lovers paradise – admittedly not the best place to be with 4 children in tow as between every “Oh look at this” was a “put that down”, “don’t touch that”, “no you can’t have that”.  Little Paper Lane was stocked with so many delights we could have spent hours just searching each little corner of the store – I can see a child free visit coming again soon!
Palm Beach was our next stop where we ordered lunch and found a lovely spot by the water to sit back and soak in the gorgeous weather.  
Fish and chips, stationery purchases to admire and kids on the beach (they even went in the water a week before it is officially winter!)

Our final stop was a beautiful little shop called Love Loans and Linen – lots of delicious finds in here and this time we were smart and took it in shifts with the kids so we could enjoy a little bit of shopping heaven.  
Such a beautiful part of the world were the lucky locals really do live with the philosophy in the sign 
“Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life”
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Images: Sweet Style


May 19, 2011

I have been really busy working on my new Sweet Style website and online store – my goal is to have it live by 1st June – this has meant however not much time to blog while I prepare. I promise I will be back to more regular blogging soon.  While at home putting things together I have been enjoying the delights of a local bakery – nothing better than tea, fresh tasty bread and jam – so delicious! I will share more delights from this yummy bakery over the coming weeks.   
I would love to know what you enjoy to snack on while you are busy on a project.  
Enjoy your weekend everyone!
PS.  It looks like my Mrs A In The Cove facebook page cannot be renamed to Sweet Style – this means I have had to start a new page – if you are a facebook follower I would love for you to like my new page as posts on the old one will be stopping soon.  Click here to go to the new page.
Images: Sweet Style


May 17, 2011

Late last year I met the lovely Vesna from My Little Jedi at Mathilda’s Markets where she was showing off the beautiful wares she sells in her online store.  We had another opportunity to meet up recently the ABCD Bloggers catch up and today I am delighted to give you the opportunity to get to know her a little better and find out a little more about her business.

Tell us a little more about My Little Jedi and how you started your business.
“My little jedi” label was born from my love of cards, beautiful paper and passion for all things pretty & vintage which basically started when my son Aniken was born. Since I discovered “blogosphere”, it has definitely opened more opportunities and my perspectives have changed. I am now providing party printable invitations, birthday banners, food labels, party favours boxes, envelopes as well as a range of lovely stationary in my online store. My goal is to become ‘one stop shop’ for fun, trendy and accessible stationary for the busy mum that wants to celebrate her child’s special event in style.
What are your favourite 3 products you sell.
My top 3 favourite products are:
o   Apple and Pear memo pads
o   Iomoi pencils
o   Chevron printable envelopes

How would you describe your style?
A delicate mix of girly and vintage with the right amount of modern and whimsical touch!

Tell us a little more about your day to day life.
Where do I start! I get woken up by little man Aniken, we spend time together in the morning and watch his favourite shows while he eats his breakfast.  Shortly after I start to get ready for work. I usually arrive home around 6.30pm. After dinner and bath we spend time with Aniken reading books and put him to bed. I get most of my designs/orders done after Aniken goes to bed.  I am a night owl; I spend many hours on my laptop, looking for inspiration, sourcing new products and processing/packing orders.

There are definitely not enough hours in a day, trying to balance spending time with my family, full time work & running business from home and its definitely challenging and lot of hard work but very rewarding at the same time.

How do you like to relax.
My time to relax is after my son is tucked in for the night. I make myself a cup of T2 tea, put my soft pj’s on, warm socks and I relax while reading online magazines, browsing through inspirational blogs and writing posts for my blog. 

Some of Vesna’s lovely styling work can be seen here.  The first is a collaboration with Suzanna from Mon Tresor and the second with Niki from Candy Soirees

Don’t forget to check out Vesna’s lovely blog here
Also her website is here or Facebook