August 31, 2009

While browsing over at the etsy website I came across this fantastic little find – Social Circle Cards. I think they look very stylish for those of us whose job does not necessarily need a business card but the thought of having one makes us feel important – after all the job of being a mum is very important and people do need to get in contact with us regularly! Check them out here

August 26, 2009

This week has been a bit of a week for Doctors – poor little Indi has today had to have a nasal endoscopy – not much fun for an 8 week old and thankfully the lovely nurse wisked her away quickly and she was back in my arms 5 minutes later.
I feel very blessed that I have made it 5 years without any major health ordeals with my girls and today was the first time we have had to undergo any minor operations.
The Doctor confirmed that Indiana has Laryngomalacia which is basically a soft floppy larynx. This is something that she will grow out of with time and it just means she is very noisy when she breathes. I am sure a number of people have thought I had a little piglet in my pram at times. Such a relief though to have the procedure done and dusted and to know all is fine.
Now we just have to get through Friday’s immunisation – poor little sausage she is not having a fun week – a great excuse for lots of cuddles.

(A cuddle from nanna)

August 25, 2009

I’m hungry, I want to do craft, Give me back my barbie, I want water, Mummy I’m on the toilet – come and wipe my bottom, I want to draw, I’m hungry – I want a biscuit, She hit me, I’m hungry, Where’s my pink necklace, I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I’m hungry……. (and it is not even 8am yet!)
Life is very hectic at the moment with these two cheeky monkeys plus a newborn to look after. I can’t quite believe the constant need for someone in our house to have food!
To add to that last night at 4.30am we were woken by the wrong baby! Miss Sienna’s new Baby Alive decided that she was going to wake and keep talking and do you think I could stop her! I had to resort to the screw driver! Lucky I am good with a screwdriver at 4.30am and was able to get those batteries out quick smart.

(Sienna and her new baby back together after it’s middle of the night operation)
The grumpy 3 year old has kept me on my toes all day.

(Sofia and her typical 3 year old snarl!)

We have danced …

Decided to trash our bedroom by getting all the pillows from all beds in the house…

And finally went to ballet …

(Lucky they are cute once dressed for ballet!)

Oh the life of a mother – No wonder I had half a jar of peanut butter at 5pm this afternoon.
Monday and Tuesday are non-preschool days in our house so by Tuesday evening I am well and truly ready for time out!
I hope you enjoyed a brief look into our afternoon – hope yours was just as interesting and that Wednesday is a little less hectic!

August 24, 2009

Well the countdown has begun as we are now 8 weeks out from our completion date.
The feature wall in the entry has been painted and while it still has another coat to go I am happy with what I have chosen. The colour is Toffee Fingers and you can sort of get the idea from the picture below.

Bathroom tiling is now complete and ready for fixtures and fittings.

Carpet however still needs to be chosen and it is not an easy choice!!

My mum says that maybe we haven’t seen the correct one yet as it will jump out and say “yes” to us when we find it! Let’s hope it jumps soon as I can only visit so many carpet shops and take their samples back and forth! Certainly glad though that this is my only problem.