January 14, 2017

So this week it was back to school for Sienna.  She was nervous and anxious which as to be expected – when you are in a new country, going to a school that is not the “traditional” style of school and you are 12 years old, anything different is stressful, but she is a trooper and learning to trust her mum and dad in this new direction we have taken for the next few years.

Sienna is still very reluctant to talk to others about her new school – she says she is embarrassed as it is not a traditional school so she doesn’t want anyone knowing about it just yet.  I get why she feels this way – nobody wants to be seen as different, but I am sure over time she will embrace her individuality and be happy to tell others about her experiences – well my fingers are crossed anyway.  

For those who have not heard about Eaton Arrowsmith I would recommend you jump on the website and have read – they have an incredibly unique method of teaching for kids who just don’t “get it” in mainstream school.  There was a fantastic 60 Minutes story by Charles Wooley back in 2014 which is the best way to grasp what they do at the school (you can click here to watch it).  Also visit the main Arrowsmith School website for loads more reading and information about how it all started.  It was while watching this story 2 and a half years ago that the seed was first planted in my head about this style of school.  I still can believe that we have taken the plunge and moved our entire family to Canada so we could enrol Sienna – but here we are, feeling ever so grateful for the opportunity!

So today a few photos of Sienna on her first day at EAS – As you know through my involvement with the Stillbirth Foundation I am all about talking about these things – with awareness comes acceptance and understanding and hopefully a way for others in a similar situation to learn more, so while Sienna is still not yet ready to talk about EAS I will continue to add snippets about the program here during our time in Vancouver.  Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any – I am always happy and willing to share our experience!
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June 2, 2016

I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at the upcoming Celebrate Conference Day hosted by Tanya of Life’s Little Celebrations.  This wonderful day will be filled with loads of inspiration and great networking opportunities for those in the party, event or baking industry.  Tickets are now on sale so jump over the website here and book your spot – I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Visit Tanya’s website here for more info.

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January 19, 2015

Time for round two of my Photography Workshops which were a great success in October and November of 2014.  If you are a keen photographer, have a new camera or just really want to know how to get the most from your DSLR then this course is for you.   I have two dates available – Friday 22nd February or Sunday 1st March 2015

My course runs for 4 hours and I limit the numbers so there is only a few participants, all able to ask questions and get specific with what they want to know.  We will go over the fundamentals of shooting manual with your camera and have loads of shoot time so you really feel you have grasped how to get the perfect shot.

After a delicious lunch we will look at editing and I will go through the process of bringing your photograph to life for the internet or print.  

Visit the workshop page of the website to book your spot – workshops are all held in my home studio in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

Please email if you have any more questions.

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December 1, 2014

So in this day and age who doesn’t use Facebook, twitter or instagram?   Who isn’t using digital media in their business?  It is a given that we all use these platforms to promote and find success with our varied and wide business so I was incredibly excited when my lovely friend Jaclyn from Blog Society announced her Digital Bravery e-course.


Launched yesterday Jaclyn has put together an amazing e-course to help you become fearless with digital media.  I met Jaclyn many years ago through this wonderful world of blogging and we have become great friends, catching up regularly to chat about our passions for blogging, marketing and getting the word out so I am proud to be supporting her as an affiliate with this wonderful programme she has created.

Early bird registration is now open so join up before 7th December to take advantage of the discounted price.  

I truly believe that Jaclyn will deliver a brilliant e-course so join me for this 4 week e-course that kicks off in January – the perfect way to start the year!

Find out more by clicking here – I can’t wait to get started and make 2015 an exciting one!Modern businesswoman sitting on the floor and working at home.

November 4, 2014

After much planning and a few nerves last weekend I finally opened the doors to my home to host two Photography Workshops for some really wonderful ladies.  While I have presented at various workshops in recent years this was the first series I have done where I self hosted and co-ordinated everything and to my delight everything ran to plan – not that I necessarily doubted it wouldn’t go that way but when you just have to turn up and present your stress levels are a little less than when you have to do it all.

My beautiful participants where nothing but eager and delightful and have since sent me the most lovely emails telling me how amazing their felt after leaving.  Feeling very proud I am!  During the day not only did we learn the important steps of moving your camera from auto to manual and all that goes into it, we also had loads of hands on photography time were we photographed everything from cakes, desserts, bottles, props, the garden, lunch and so much more.  We talked backdrops and props, learnt the basics of lightroom and photoshop plus I gave some simple easy short cut tips that I use when editing my images.

While I didn’t capture too many images on the day here are a few that I did take.  Everyone went home with some beautifully presented notes that Nicole from Pretty and Print helped me to make look professional, as well as a sweet note book and pen from Kikki K.  We enjoyed delicious sweet tarts and savoury pies from the amazing Anna at The Floury Baker and I prepared my current favourite salad – roasted beetroot, sweet potato and baby spinach for everyone to enjoy!

I am looking at hosting some more workshops after we have made it through the festive season and kids are back at school.  If you are interested in going on the notification list please drop me an email and I will let you know when they have been scheduled.

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