April 29, 2013

Happy Monday everyone.  Some stunning cakes to show you today by the lovely Cakes by Sharon in Sydney

Sharon says it was the Woman’s Day Carousel Cake that got her started in the cake world  – nothing like a bit of a challenge. She enjoyed the creative side of cake making, having always dabbled in creative things such as scrapbooking etc.  She thinks it was when she was five she had her first ‘order’ from a friend.

Sharon has been making cakes since early 2010,  it has always been a learning curve but she enjoy seeing the end results.  She also like dabbling in styling tables, and have done so for all her children’s parties and a few weddings.

I would have to say Vanilla with a white ganache would be at the top of the list for favourite flavours, followed but chocolate mud and hummingbird. Its a little hard for my husband who continually asks”is there any left over?”.

To see more of Sharons work head to her facebook page here.

April 26, 2013

I am off to put together another candy table this weekend so a little inspiration from my current pinterest boards!

The event this weekend is all about black and white and I can’t wait to see the stunning room set up for this wedding.

Hope you have all had a wonderful week. For those who are visiting for the first time this week don’t forget to look back at our recent posts featuring a fun black and hot pink dessert table as well as some great photobooth ideas!

See you all next week.

1 Dessert Table :: 2 Macaroons :: 3 White Desserts :: 4 Cupcakes :: 5 Black and White Dessert Table

April 24, 2013

Well April has turned out to be the craziest month in the world of dessert tables for me!

I haven’t taken on too many tables of late as the shop just keeps me too busy but I this month proved to be one of those months when I had three weekends of parties booked!  All very different and all very exciting.

The first one for the month was for the fabulous Jack Woog!  If you are a blogger or a blog reader you may know Jack’s mum – Mrs Woog from Woogsworld – she is famous in the blogging community and a very cool mum (and she also happens to appear in the may edition of The Australian Women’s Weekly)!

I have known Mrs Woog for a while now through a few mutual friends and when she phoned me a few weeks before Jack’s birthday to ask for some help I couldn’t say no!

The theme for Jack’s party was disco so I set off to find some perfect invites and stationery to match the theme through my fabulous network of party girls.  The ever so lovely and helpful Danni from The Little Soiree showed me her perfect set of disco party printables and so the scene was set.

My first instinct was to go with black so I asked Mrs Woog what Jack’s favourite colour was that we could tie in with the black and her first response was HOT PINK – a boy after my own heart!  So black and hot pink was the colour theme.

Jacki from Blissfully Sweet created some fabulous cupcakes, cookies and cake pops to match and one very cool disco party was created!  Enjoy these great shots of Jack’s Disco party dessert table. (The pink lemonade was a hit as well!)

Cake Stands, jars, drinks dispenser, party bags, straws, cups – Sweet Style
Cupcakes, cookies, microphone cake pops – Blissfully Sweet Cakes
Printables – The Little Soiree

You can read lots more about the Woog family on their blog here 

April 23, 2013

Having a photoboth at your event is such a fabulous idea – I had one at Sienna’s party last year and I have been to loads of fun events that have had them.  They are such a great way to capture all of your guests and they bring out the kid in everyone!

I am showing off a great new venture today by some super talented people – Cherry Red Styling Co and Kotzur-Yang Creative are a Brisbane based team who have partnered up to bring back the personal touch to photobooth photography.

This fabulous team will come to you and create a photo both that reflects your party’s personality and style!

Here are some examples of their recent work.

They will even tailor the photoboth to suit your locationg – indoor or outdoor!

To see more you can visit their website here.