April 30, 2013

Birthday Celebrations in our house again today – this time it is ME that is having a birthday! ┬áHip Hooray!

My instagram feed has been a little filled with flowers of late as I love them so!  Here is a peak at what has been around my house lately!

You can follow along with me on instagram if you like! You can find me under sweetstyle!

5 thoughts on “Virtual Flowers for my Birthday

  1. Happy flower-filled birthday Leanne. Hope you have a chance to relax and enjoy it. Love from sunny London. xxx

  2. Happy birthday Leanne. I do hope that someone else has styled a beautiful dessert table for you! Hope the coming year is filled with good health, happiness and many memorable moments.

  3. Awesome picture, Birthdays are one of those things that happen every year. While giving birthday gifts is a good thing, it isn’t always one of those “easy things” because you have to keep finding new gifts every year.

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