October 28, 2009

My beautiful Indiana turned four months old yesterday.

I just love that beautiful smile she gives me in the morning when she sees me – melts my heart every time.
She has become a little bit of a challenge in the sleeping department in the past few weeks. Poor thing has to contend with two big sisters who always have somewhere to be and a mum who has been here there and everywhere while building this house.
In the past few weeks she has lost the ability to get herself to sleep because of all of the out and about we were doing. Everytime I put her into her cot she screams and screams and screams – poor little cherub – not sure how to sort this one out as she really is a tough one unlike the other girls who ocassionally did this but never to the extent that Miss Indiana is.
Certainly making for an interesting time while trying to unpack and get sorted – I still think she is pretty devine though so we will work it out.

October 27, 2009

Quick post tonight to say “we are in”

Moving is such a huge task which I must say has been rather testing with 3 small kids (not to mention the fact that this is the 4th move in 2 years) but the reward at the end is fantastic!

I am still smiling just looking around at my beautiful new home and can’t wait to share it with you.

I will get a little more sorted and then start clicking with the camera so stay tuned over the coming weeks …..

October 21, 2009

We really need a new dining table and chairs.
Requirements are that it needs to be able to seat 12 adults as when Mr A’s family comes to visit there is currently 11 adults and 10 kids.
We found this nice extension table at Freedom – when extended it is 3.2m long so this will work. When closed it is still 2.2m.

The chairs that match it weren’t bad as well and currently on sale (which never happens when you need things but this time we are in luck)

Can anyone suggest some other good extension tables they may have seen?

October 20, 2009

A little bit of a trying day today so have to remind myself to keep smiling as at the end of the week we will be in our new house.
I have a nasty cold – making me tired and frustrated with so much to do.
The big girls have been a little trying after four days at home.
Little bubba is testing me on the sleeping front – has decided that she really does not want to be put to bed in HER BED!!
Husband has been spending many hours at the new house watering the new grass leaving me to deal with dinner, bath and bed time.
I haven’t been able to visit the house to see my newly polished floor boards!!
Tomorrow is a new day and big girls are off to pre-school so back to the house I will go – carpet being laid tomorrow …
Keep Smiling!!