October 19, 2009

The end is near – horray!!
While we are still waiting on the exact date for our balustrading to go in we do however have grass and plants and boy does it make a huge difference.
This week sees most of the the finishing touches – appliances, carpet, floor boards polished.
All of my goodies that have been in storage for what seems like forever arrives on Friday – what suprises will be in store for me there!
So here is a photo taken after planting was done on Saturday – I am so thrilled and I can’t wait to be back in The Cove!!

October 14, 2009

Today is International Baby Loss Day – a day particularly close to my heart after the loss of our precious Laura 6 and a half years ago. I would love you all to watch this wonderful presentation we put together earlier this year for our annual ball and remember all our precious angels in heaven.

In addition to raising funds for stillbirth research, the Stillbirth Foundation Australia also aims to increase public awareness about stillbirth. We have recently created this video which beautifully demonstrates the reality of stillbirth whilst highlighting the need for further funding and are thrilled to be able to now share this with you.

The Stillbirth Foundation Australia would like to thank all of the families and photographers that have kindly shared their photos with us in order to make this possible, as well as Emily Bird for helping us to create this wonderful video.

After yesterday posting all those gorgeous evening dresses for the Manor Ball I was looking back at some photos of me at the Stillbirth Foundation Ball over the past four years.
Amazingly I have gotten a lot out of one particular dress as I have worn it three out of four years (this makes the husband very happy as you know most men cringe when you say “I have to buy a new dress”)
The first year I wore it I was 8 months pregnant

The second year of the event I got away with wearing it again – this time not pregnant and feeling very glamourous.
The third time I got to wear it was at this years ball – four weeks after having Indiana (looking rather tired compared to the other photos!!). Must say I was not as comfortable this year as the breast feeding boobs were not allowing me to relax!

This little number slipped in to the picture for ball no 3 in 2008 (felt it was a bit much three years in a row so decided on something new).

Hubby certainly can’t complain after the use I have had from the lovely red dress (I have worn it to a number of other events so probably got at least 5-6 wears out of it making it less than $100 a wear!).
Next year it is time for a new dress – maybe I will pick one of the others I chose for the Willow Manor Ball.

October 12, 2009

Here is the house as of last Friday afternoon – top soil down and level and ready for plants and grass!! What a difference a week will make as all this happens.
We did have a humdinger of a storm here Friday evening and half the soil washed down the street so we hope everything turns out ok once the grass is down.
Very exciting – in less than two weeks we will be living there.
Stay tuned for further updates.