November 30, 2010

Ok here it is – my absolute top item on my wishlist this Christmas – a piece of Uberkate Jewelry.
I have admired this beautiful jewelry for many years and just this year have had the absolute pleasure to get to know the gorgeous Uberkate herself.
Kate is a school mum and our girls classrooms are next to each other so we see each other throughout the week in the playground!  This has however proven to be a dangerous meeting for my husband! Not only is Kate one of the most stylish mums in the playground, she has been so encouraging of my new business venture and full of great advice and to top it off she also has a different piece of her jewelry on each day meaning that my wishlist keeps getting longer.
I believe I have however convinced Mr A to order my very first piece of Uberkate Jewelry as my Christmas Gift.  
I cannot tell you how special this piece will be for me as it will be my way of keeping my four girls close to my heart – as the mum of a stillborn daughter it is sometimes hard to portray that Laura is as important to me as my three living children – with an Uberkate necklace I am able to have a circle for all of my girls – Laura will have equal billing with the others – her existence will be shown to be as important as the others – something she rarely gets on the outside world.
Thank you Kate – this necklace will be treasured.
Make sure you pop over the Kate’s brand new website here – she has even joined the blog world so drop in and say Hi – of course tell her I sent you!


November 29, 2010

I was on a mission last week to see if I could produce a cake pop!
My mission failed – big time – capital F type failure
I jumped on facebook and mentioned my failure and my lovely party friends came back at me with lots of suggestions – add copha, use Wilton melts, add some oil, keep melting the chocolate!
Alas it was too late for my cake pops, so girls I have collected all your tips and will be better prepared next time!
I did however have a variety of “sticks” on hand as I also wanted to make pretty chocolate dipped sticks – pretzel sticks, wafter sticks, bread sticks – any sticks I could find really.  So please enjoy some time with me (and my sticks) in my kitchen…

 Can’t believe I am showing you this but here is my poor excuse for a cake pop! 
Mr A said it tasted good – as long as you closed your eyes!

With these lovely gold and silver sprinkles on them I was pleased with how my sticks and pretzels turned out – they would be perfect for a christmas dessert table!

Any further tips on making the perfect cake pop! Please – pretty please?


November is Peony season here in Sydney so before the month ended I had to buy a bunch as I have admired them for so long.

This week also sees the beginning of summer – my favourite time of the year.  I love the longer hours in the day – warm nights – eating dinner outdoors – being able to throw on a cool summer dress.
What is your favourite season? Are you a summer lover like me?


November 25, 2010

Happy Friday everyone – here is a bit of a look at those perfect little bottles we love to use here at our parties in Australia – some wonderful styling in these images.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend – only four weeks to Christmas yikes – I had better hit the shops!!!
Check out my post here if you would like to know where to find these lovely little bottles!

This is mine!
And so is this!


November 24, 2010

I know we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia but one should never turn down an opportunity to be thankful so today I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful friends I have made through my blog – I never could have imagined that people could be so sweet and excited about the little things I do!  Even this week I have been so amazed by the wonderful comments – it is like a little present every time a message pops up in my inbox.

It is funny isn’t it that Thanksgiving falls a month before Christmas when life appears to be so hectic – I guess it is a timely reminder to stop and be thankful – appreciate and enjoy.  So to everyone who visits me here I would like to say THANK YOU – you make my day.