November 29, 2010

November is Peony season here in Sydney so before the month ended I had to buy a bunch as I have admired them for so long.

This week also sees the beginning of summer – my favourite time of the year.  I love the longer hours in the day – warm nights – eating dinner outdoors – being able to throw on a cool summer dress.
What is your favourite season? Are you a summer lover like me?


11 thoughts on “Pink Peonies – The Start of Summer

  1. Ohhh Leanne – we are literally at opposite ends of the spectrum – you get out your summer dresses, I am here in woolly scarves and uggs! The peonies are just beautiful so I will live vicariously through you and enjoy summer there! Infact I just spied a picture of your pool in the ‘after’ shot on your sidebar. OMG how gorgeous, you are soooo lucky. What a labour of love. Take care, Lou xxx

  2. Oh Leanne those flowers are gorgeous! They made me smile tonight! I LOVE summer! Nothing makes me happier then hanging around the pool with my family, bbqs at the park with friends and watching the waves roll in at the beach with my husband! Truly beautiful!

  3. So jealous that it’s the beginning of summer for you. It’s the beginning of winter here and snow is on it’s way – in fact many part of the country have loads of it already. Autumn, winter and spring all do have their good points but I must admit summer really is my favourite season.

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