January 27, 2017

Another week and more reflections! I am sure I will laugh when I look back at these reflections after we have lived here for 2 years.

1. Vancouver drivers are polite, drive at the speed limit (which is 50) and stop before the lights turn red – you do not under any circumstances put your foot to the ground and try and get through the orange light or block someone coming out of the side road!

2. I have had no problems driving on the opposite side of the road however I still have to stop and think twice about which side of the car I get in and I automatically reach over my right shoulder for my seat belt!

3. Sunglasses are more necessary here in Vancouver in the winter than in Sydney in summer – the sun does not go very high in the sky so it always seems to be right in your eyes.

4. Canadians seem to have better balance and a good recovery when walking on slippery ice! Obviously inbuilt at birth when you are born in a country where it snows and is icy!

5. School excursions for the girls have been trips to the ice skating rink and the tubing park! Only a few short months ago they were all off doing surf school at the beach – how cool is that!

6. All the winter clothes are on sale here however when I look at the average temperatures for the next few months in Vancouver I cant see where winter finishes?

7. I have moved on from beanies to boots – so many nice boots here!

8. The price of meat in Canada is RIDICULOUS! I saw lamb cutlets the other day for $79 per kilo!

9. Lamb Cutlets are called Popsicles – cute! (until you look at the price)

10. It is acceptable to wear Ugg boots to school!

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January 26, 2017

While everyone down under is celebrating Australia Day I was once again out discovering!  Fun signs are everywhere.  Some informative and others a bit cryptic that you need to really look at!  We certainly made time for a special lunch time stop though with some fellow Aussie expats living here in Vancouver!  Still only the 25th here though so that means we can celebrate again tomorrow?  Right??!!

Happy Straya Day everyone!

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January 23, 2017

I love photographing trees and I am really looking forward to watching the dramatic change of the seasons during our time here in Canada.  The girls have noticed that we seem to see a birds nest in every second tree and a cute squirrel running up every third tree.  I have also seen a few Eagles!  There are so many beautiful tree lined streets and parks here – I can’t wait to discover more.

The weather is still mighty frosty in the morning – 0 degrees this morning so lots of ice covering the ground! 

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January 20, 2017

We have been in Vancouver for 3 weeks now so I thought I would share some reflections on life here!  Hoping to make this a regular occurrence on the blog over the coming months!  

Reflections No 1

1. Driving around the entire city of Vancouver is easier and less stressful that driving around Sydney’s north shore.

2. Vancouver has had the coldest winter in 10 years and we arrived right in the middle of it. Three weeks later and the temperatures have gone from -6 for my morning walks to +6 and I am suddenly not thinking it is cold anymore! Looking at the rest of Canada though I am glad we moved to Vancouver as there are some seriously crazy low temperatures around (like where Sarah moved to!)!

3. Thank heavens for heated BMW seat and steering wheels! BMW air conditioning/heating on the other hand is a mystery.

4. Snow is beautiful and pretty and so great for photographing and we were so lucky to experience the snow in Vancouver – getting around after it has settled is however treacherous and the Vancouver footpaths are like ice skating rinks!I

5. Snow tires do not stop your car from slipping back down a hill if there is ice on the road! You know it is not good when your husband who is a confident driver says “Oh shit I have no control over this car” – very pleased the rain how now washed the ice away from our street and we can drive back up it again!

6. I have a new found appreciation for winter accessories as you get to wear them here! I am on the eternal search for a new beanie!

7. Canadians call beanies toques!

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January 19, 2017

Not much happening at Kitsilano Yacht Club in winter! There are loads of boats sitting in the water though and a few out gliding across the harbour.  There is something about living in a city with a harbour and while nothing quite compares to Sydney Harbour I have really fallen for the beauty of Vancouver with the stunning mountains behind the city.  Even the large tankers sitting out in the water peacefully are to be admired!

Sweet Style-5715 Not much going on at the yacht club

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