February 6, 2017

Welcome to another week of reflections of life in Vancouver!  It is Sunday afternoon right now as I sit here and write this and the snow is falling outside – such a surreal experience for this Aussie girl.  It is particularly strange as I am talking to all my Australian friends back home where they are experiencing scorching temperatures.  Lets hope this picture of the snow in Vancouver helps cool all my Aussie friends down!

1. Groundhog day is a real thing – trouble is there seems to be loads of groundhogs and they all say something different!

2. Nothing beats having a garage to park your car in when the temperatures are low and it is snowing (no we don’t have a garage so poor Emilio is feeling it as he removes the ice and snow)

3. I have now moved on from boots to winter coats!  

4. Dance classes are very expensive in Vancouver!

5. It still feels colder in Sydney when it is 15 degrees than it does in Vancouver when it is 5 degrees

6. This weeks Canadian lingo lesson – bathroom/toilet = washroom. Feeling proud that I am finally remembering this when out and need directions to the washroom!

7. Dogs don’t forget their family even if they haven’t seen them for weeks!

8. Dogs love snow and their paws don’t feel the cold (I even looked it up to check)!

8. When it is snowing you need to pick up the dog poo straight away otherwise it is quickly buried and you step in it (this was Indi’s reflection!)

9. Moving house is so much easier when all your possessions fit in 11 bags! 

10. We still can’t get used to seeing a “medicinal” Cannabis shop on every corner?!?

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January 27, 2017

Another week and more reflections! I am sure I will laugh when I look back at these reflections after we have lived here for 2 years.

1. Vancouver drivers are polite, drive at the speed limit (which is 50) and stop before the lights turn red – you do not under any circumstances put your foot to the ground and try and get through the orange light or block someone coming out of the side road!

2. I have had no problems driving on the opposite side of the road however I still have to stop and think twice about which side of the car I get in and I automatically reach over my right shoulder for my seat belt!

3. Sunglasses are more necessary here in Vancouver in the winter than in Sydney in summer – the sun does not go very high in the sky so it always seems to be right in your eyes.

4. Canadians seem to have better balance and a good recovery when walking on slippery ice! Obviously inbuilt at birth when you are born in a country where it snows and is icy!

5. School excursions for the girls have been trips to the ice skating rink and the tubing park! Only a few short months ago they were all off doing surf school at the beach – how cool is that!

6. All the winter clothes are on sale here however when I look at the average temperatures for the next few months in Vancouver I cant see where winter finishes?

7. I have moved on from beanies to boots – so many nice boots here!

8. The price of meat in Canada is RIDICULOUS! I saw lamb cutlets the other day for $79 per kilo!

9. Lamb Cutlets are called Popsicles – cute! (until you look at the price)

10. It is acceptable to wear Ugg boots to school!

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November 27, 2015

Another Friday has rolled around and this week it is one of sadness in our house after we lost our 4 beautiful chickens to a local sly fox.   A reminder of the constant fragility that is the cycle of life.  The past year with our girls has taught me so much about food, sustainability and giving back so I know we will bring home some new family members soon.  For now I am grateful for the wonderful gifts they have left us in the constant supply of eggs left daily – a magic surprise every time you went to visit.  The 3 dozen eggs we have been left with be eaten thoughtfully and with gratitude.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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July 14, 2014

Last time I shared an update on my 52 week project I was poolside in Bali and this time is no different.  We have been fortunate enough to have two trips to the beautiful land of sunshine this year and we are feeling lucky indeed.  We have brought the girls for a two week break and of course just loving it.

So here is the latest photos from my 52 Week Challenge – a photo a week of the girls together.


April 29, 2014

Hello Everyone!  I am hitting publish post today from beautiful Bali where I am relaxing for a week with Mr A – BLISS!

A little update today though on my 52 week project that I started this year – a photo each week of my girls together!

While they are back at home having quality Nanna and Aunty Kae time here is a look at weeks 9-16 with the girls.  A certain 3 additions to our family on week 11 have also become regulars in our weekly photos!