July 16, 2018

February in Vancouver has seen some amazing snow storms – the locals still keep telling us this is unusual but everyone is very excited by the beauty and unexpectedness it creates!  The girls even got to enjoy a snow day when school was cancelled!  Here are some photos from the two snow days we had in the second half of February – beautiful winter wonderland!

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March 12, 2017

This week I hit Mt Seymour in North Vancouver with a bunch of parents from Sienna’s school.  We have taken to snow shoeing on local ski mountains in the past two weeks as the snow is amazing and we need to make the most of it!  

It is supposedly spring here in Vancouver but with the temperatures still low they are experiencing some of the best snow falls for the season!  I must say I don’t think I have ever seen this much snow.

The drive from the westside of Vancouver to Mt Seymour was about 45 minutes.  Once there we grabbed our snow shoes and hit the trail recommended by one of the staff members.  He certainly gave us the pick of the day as the weather was rather cloudy and foggy when we started our walk but when we reached the view point at the top of Dog Mountain the clouds cleared and we had a brilliant view of Vancouver below!  

I certainly wish I had taken the Canon but alas I decided the weather would not warrant carrying my heavy friend so it was the iPhone that did all the capturing on the day!  

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March 7, 2017

We were so lucky to be able to spend another wonderful weekend up in Whistler with some new friends we have met through Sienna’s school.  They have also moved their family from Australia to Vancouver for a few years so what better place to hang out over a weekend than at the magical Fairmont Heritage Place at Nature’s Door.  

This place is like being in heaven and with the snow season that they are currently experiencing here on the west coast of Canada it was even more magical!  This amazing property is just on the side of the ski slope that was the location for the 2010 Winter Olympics downhill course.  We were even able to swim and relax in the hot tub with the snow around us!  

Over the weekend Sofia, Indi and I did some snow shoeing and the three girls did more ice skating in the village between enjoying the pool back in our home away from home! 

Lots of photos below – the light on the snow was just amazing and every time  I turned around the landscape looked different so my camera had a great workout!

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February 21, 2017

Scooter joined us in Canada a few weeks ago and we were so pleased to have him arrived having lived apart from him since November when we moved out of our home in Australia.  Thankfully our lovely tenants that rented out home in Australia have looked after him and given him so much love.

A few days after his arrived we had all that snow and he just loved it!  He seems to be very excited by all the white fluffy stuff!  We have been on a few walks but it is still a little slippery and there is loads of salt on the roads which is not great for his paws!  We used Jet pets to him here and they took wonderful care of him.  Such a long way for a our little boy to travel but we are so pleased to have him here and have the family back together.

I took a little video of our reunion at the airport which has been so lovely to watch back.  Thankfully there is no quarantine into Canada so he was off the plane and within a few hours straight into our arms!  

The snow has now melted and we are off on regular walks in the forest and around our local area – here are a few photos of him in our front yard.

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