March 7, 2017

We were so lucky to be able to spend another wonderful weekend up in Whistler with some new friends we have met through Sienna’s school.  They have also moved their family from Australia to Vancouver for a few years so what better place to hang out over a weekend than at the magical Fairmont Heritage Place at Nature’s Door.  

This place is like being in heaven and with the snow season that they are currently experiencing here on the west coast of Canada it was even more magical!  This amazing property is just on the side of the ski slope that was the location for the 2010 Winter Olympics downhill course.  We were even able to swim and relax in the hot tub with the snow around us!  

Over the weekend Sofia, Indi and I did some snow shoeing and the three girls did more ice skating in the village between enjoying the pool back in our home away from home! 

Lots of photos below – the light on the snow was just amazing and every time  I turned around the landscape looked different so my camera had a great workout!

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