February 21, 2017

Scooter joined us in Canada a few weeks ago and we were so pleased to have him arrived having lived apart from him since November when we moved out of our home in Australia.  Thankfully our lovely tenants that rented out home in Australia have looked after him and given him so much love.

A few days after his arrived we had all that snow and he just loved it!  He seems to be very excited by all the white fluffy stuff!  We have been on a few walks but it is still a little slippery and there is loads of salt on the roads which is not great for his paws!  We used Jet pets to him here and they took wonderful care of him.  Such a long way for a our little boy to travel but we are so pleased to have him here and have the family back together.

I took a little video of our reunion at the airport which has been so lovely to watch back.  Thankfully there is no quarantine into Canada so he was off the plane and within a few hours straight into our arms!  

The snow has now melted and we are off on regular walks in the forest and around our local area – here are a few photos of him in our front yard.

Sweet Style-6510 Sweet Style-6513 Sweet Style-6515 Sweet Style-6520 


July 10, 2015

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Our love for our gorgeous Scooter continues as he is the most delicious thing in our house! He is now six months old and has become my constant companion.  When he sees me in the morning it is just like Christmas!  Not sure why we went so long without a dog in our life – feeling so grateful for the happiness he has brought to our lives!

If you would like to see more of Scooter follow me on Instagram as he pops in quite regularly!