February 6, 2017

Welcome to another week of reflections of life in Vancouver!  It is Sunday afternoon right now as I sit here and write this and the snow is falling outside – such a surreal experience for this Aussie girl.  It is particularly strange as I am talking to all my Australian friends back home where they are experiencing scorching temperatures.  Lets hope this picture of the snow in Vancouver helps cool all my Aussie friends down!

1. Groundhog day is a real thing – trouble is there seems to be loads of groundhogs and they all say something different!

2. Nothing beats having a garage to park your car in when the temperatures are low and it is snowing (no we don’t have a garage so poor Emilio is feeling it as he removes the ice and snow)

3. I have now moved on from boots to winter coats!  

4. Dance classes are very expensive in Vancouver!

5. It still feels colder in Sydney when it is 15 degrees than it does in Vancouver when it is 5 degrees

6. This weeks Canadian lingo lesson – bathroom/toilet = washroom. Feeling proud that I am finally remembering this when out and need directions to the washroom!

7. Dogs don’t forget their family even if they haven’t seen them for weeks!

8. Dogs love snow and their paws don’t feel the cold (I even looked it up to check)!

8. When it is snowing you need to pick up the dog poo straight away otherwise it is quickly buried and you step in it (this was Indi’s reflection!)

9. Moving house is so much easier when all your possessions fit in 11 bags! 

10. We still can’t get used to seeing a “medicinal” Cannabis shop on every corner?!?

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