November 30, 2009

I have started my Christmas Cards and even sent a few but every year at this time I get a little confused as to who I really should be sending them to?
My list of people to send them to seems to grow each year but I am thinking this year that I really do need to cull the list. Not that I don’t want people to receive a card and my annual yearly wrap up letter about our family but is it really necessary to send 100 cards!
I usually send a lovely photo card of the family as well as my letter but this year have decided to just include a few pictures in the letter and a standard christmas card.
The cost and time of sending them is getting greater each year so what do I do?
– Send them to those who sent them to me last year
– Send them to people I don’t see that often and just want to make contact with to let them know we are still here
– Send them to family and friends I see every week and already know everything that is going on in my life
– Send them to family who I don’t see that often but they know what I am doing through the grapevine
Would love to know what Christmas card etiquette is so please let me know what you are doing this year?

November 26, 2009

I know I am biased but she is so beautiful. Her first five months has gone so fast.
Thankfully Indi is now settled in our new home and we no longer have screaming when we go to bed – just nice long sleeps and happy smiles when we wake up. I suspect she picked up on my stress levels during the move which made for a very unhappy few weeks.
Ahh – I smile just looking at these too cute photos of her.