November 20, 2009

Drama in The Cove this afternoon when a big electrical storm hit! The house across the road had a direct hit and up in flames it went in a mater of minutes.
The poor man who lives there was home at the time and unable to get a thing out as it took over so fast – he has lived there for 50 years.
Certainly gave me a fright as it felt like it hit us – thankfully nobody was injured.
Hope the weekend is a little less eventful.

November 19, 2009

Today was one of those picture perfect days in Sydney. I know that some parts of Sydney and the rest of Australia were suffering in the heat but our location is one of those lovely spots that gets a bit of a breeze keeping the temperature down.
I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of the pool and backyard while it was looking so inviting.

November 16, 2009

This weekend we celebrating Indiana’s Christening.

We had a lovely lovely day filled with love and laughter from our families.

Indi was a gem and we did not hear her cry all day – happy to watch everything going on around her and sleep in between.

The cake was so yummy and was demolished very fast!!

Most importantly the kids had a wonderful time together …
here are 10 of the cousins (just missing Indi who was sleeping and Marcus who we couldn’t catch to sit still long enough).
It is so lovely having a big family with lots of kids around.

And the new house survived it’s first “party”!!!

November 13, 2009

Finally found 20 minutes for a quick pedicure this morning!
The feeling of perfectly shaped toes and lovely nail polish makes me smile.

Busy weekend here as it is Indiana’s Christening on Sunday. Mr A has just mowed the lawn and now I am off to do the grocery shopping (and yes it is 8.44pm as I type this).
Had better get moving – have a great weekend everyone.