June 25, 2009

This is my last post before life takes our family on another big adventure.

The sign in the maternity ward at the hospital did say that they have free internet access in all rooms so hopefully I will get to post news soon about our new addition – I know the next 5 days will most probably be the most relaxing I will be getting for quite some time so I intend to make the most of it!
Stay tuned ……

June 24, 2009

I am sorry I missed my post yesterday – life got very busy and I had to head out to a meeting for the wonderful charity I am one of the founding members of.  So I thought now would be a good opportunity to blog about this wonderful cause that I am so passionate about.
As some of you will know from reading past posts our first daugther, Laura was stillborn.  She arrived on the 11th March 2003 – she would be 6 if she was still here with us.  The grief and disbelief that consumed my husband and I following this tragic day was hard to comprehend.  Thankfully we were to meet some wonderful people who helped us through this rough time and it is through the amazing support network that I met a group of equally passionate mums who decided that we needed to do more to prevent the tragedy of stillbirth happening to others.
In 2005 we launched The Stillbirth Foundation.

Stillbirth is when a baby dies whilst inside its mother and can occur at anytime from 20 weeks until immediately before birth. 

1 in every 140 babies born in Australia is stillborn   

In Australia, each year, 2000 babies are stillborn and this number has remained steady for over ten years. It is disturbing that, in an age of enormous technical and medical advances, the death rate of stillborn babies is not declining nor well understood. The Stillbirth Foundation has been established to encourage and fund research to ensure that the stillbirth rate begins to decline.

On the 25th July we will be holding our 4th annual Little Feet Taking Big Steps Ball at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney.  We had great success last year in raising much needed funds for research and hope that this years event is a huge success as well.
I would love you to visit our website to learn more about this wonderful cause – www.stillbirthfoundation.org.au
This week is such a big week for our family with the impending arrival of our fourth child this Friday (unless it makes a sudden appearance before my booked ceasar).  I am excited but also so very anxious as I know too much about what can happen, so it with fingers and a positive outlook that I pray that Friday will be full of joy and I will be able to post about new bundle of joy to you all next week.