February 28, 2017

We visited Grouse Mountain for the first time last weekend and it was just magically!  We knew when we got up on Sunday that the forecast was for clear skies so we took the opportunity to head up the mountain for a day of entertainment and spectacular views over Vancouver.

From our house in Vancouver it is a 40 minute drive and we are parked at the base of the Mountain.  Grouse has a gondola that you need to take to get you to the main ski, skate and slide area but this is only a 6 minute ride once you have purchased tickets and lined up.  We were able to purchase a locals annual pass so that we can now take the gondola ride up whenever we want over the next year.  

We had a fantastic day skating outdoors, sliding down the toboggan run, watching the skiers, riding on the sleigh ride and checking out the amazing view over Vancouver!  Definitely a great way to spend the day.  Cant wait for summer when it will be green and lush and full of very different activities!

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ViewsSweet Style-7000

GlideSweet Style-7003Pro in the making
Sweet Style-7022Tree tops
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Cant get enough of the view Sweet Style-7029

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February 21, 2017

During our time here in Vancouver we have done some great walks and hikes with friends.  Ranging from nice and easy and flat to picturesque and some a little stepper and harder.   

We visited the stunning area of Southlands a few weeks ago.  This area is on the Fraser River and has beautiful homes lining the river all with horse stables in the front yard!  It was rather icy the day we visited so not to many horses out and about but it was still beautiful!  We took a walk across the Golf Course where a huge flock of snow geese were making themselves known!  

This walk would go into the easy category and is very picturesque.  A great place for a Sunday stroll after a local lunch out.  This area can be found to the south of South West Marine Drive with the waterfront trail starting off Carnavon Street and walking past Marine Drive Golf Club.  Enjoy!

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Scooter joined us in Canada a few weeks ago and we were so pleased to have him arrived having lived apart from him since November when we moved out of our home in Australia.  Thankfully our lovely tenants that rented out home in Australia have looked after him and given him so much love.

A few days after his arrived we had all that snow and he just loved it!  He seems to be very excited by all the white fluffy stuff!  We have been on a few walks but it is still a little slippery and there is loads of salt on the roads which is not great for his paws!  We used Jet pets to him here and they took wonderful care of him.  Such a long way for a our little boy to travel but we are so pleased to have him here and have the family back together.

I took a little video of our reunion at the airport which has been so lovely to watch back.  Thankfully there is no quarantine into Canada so he was off the plane and within a few hours straight into our arms!  

The snow has now melted and we are off on regular walks in the forest and around our local area – here are a few photos of him in our front yard.

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February 15, 2017

We headed out to watch the ice hockey last weekend.  While it would be great to watch a professional game with the Canucks we decided this time around to go and watch our local University team the UBC Thunderbirds in action.  Tickets are $5 each whereas pro games are well over $100 each!

We were particularly fascinated by the constant changing of players every time the puck changed ends – I had no idea that you had that many players on a team!  The other fascination for me was the names on some of the jersey’s – some of these guys have long names!

Great night at the ice hockey and our team won 4-1! 

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Go UBC!Sweet Style-6458

How did they fit his name on the shirt?Sweet Style-6460

Coaches looking smartSweet Style-6464

Fast and furios Sweet Style-6466

One for the other teamSweet Style-6488

UBC in the leadSweet Style-6492

There was even a Popoff on the team!