July 4, 2017

Summer is in full swing here in beautiful Vancouver and the extreme change in daylight hours is not the only noticeable thing happening (mid winter we are lucky to have 8 hours with the sun up and currently we have 17 hours of daylight).   I have been out retracing my steps so I could capture the summer version of my favourite winter shots!  From white to green it is just stunning. Here they are summer -v- winter!  Both equally beautiful in their own way!

Sweet Style-9029 Sweet Style-5397Sweet Style-9038 Sweet Style-5386Sweet Style-9064 Sweet Style-6533Sweet Style-9069 Sweet Style-6538Sweet Style-9081 Sweet Style-6607Sweet Style-9088 Sweet Style-6436Sweet Style-9106 Sweet Style-6413Sweet Style-9107 Sweet Style-6389Sweet Style-9113 Sweet Style-6362Sweet Style-9119Sweet Style-6600 Sweet Style-9122Sweet Style-6444

The last two are taken in Whistler.  Hard to believe that this first shot is the same place and was in fact the venue for the 2010 winter Olympic downhill ski events!Sweet Style-0040Sweet Style-7502

February 28, 2017

We visited Grouse Mountain for the first time last weekend and it was just magically!  We knew when we got up on Sunday that the forecast was for clear skies so we took the opportunity to head up the mountain for a day of entertainment and spectacular views over Vancouver.

From our house in Vancouver it is a 40 minute drive and we are parked at the base of the Mountain.  Grouse has a gondola that you need to take to get you to the main ski, skate and slide area but this is only a 6 minute ride once you have purchased tickets and lined up.  We were able to purchase a locals annual pass so that we can now take the gondola ride up whenever we want over the next year.  

We had a fantastic day skating outdoors, sliding down the toboggan run, watching the skiers, riding on the sleigh ride and checking out the amazing view over Vancouver!  Definitely a great way to spend the day.  Cant wait for summer when it will be green and lush and full of very different activities!

Sweet Style-7026

ViewsSweet Style-7000

GlideSweet Style-7003Pro in the making
Sweet Style-7022Tree tops
Sweet Style-7027

Cant get enough of the view Sweet Style-7029

ShipsSweet Style-7034 Sweet Style-7035 Sweet Style-7047

Sweet Style-7052

Sweet Style-7065 Sweet Style-7066 Sweet Style-7090 Sweet Style-7094 Sweet Style-7097 Sweet Style-7112 Sweet Style-7114 Sweet Style-7177 Sweet Style-7180 Sweet Style-7220 Sweet Style-7221 Sweet Style-7222