March 1, 2018

Our first summer in Vancouver – super long days and magical temperatures that make you smile.  Vancouver pretty much gets zero rain during summer which is such a contrast to the long rainy winter!  The sun comes up at 5am and goes to bed at 10pm giving us around 16 hours of sunlight a day!  No super crazy 40 degree days like we get in Australia but just lovely mid 20’s that make for the perfect summer!  Here are some fun photos of Sienna and her bestie taken on a lovely summers day in August!  Such fun! 

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July 6, 2017

With so many amazing places on our doorstep here in Vancouver we regularly take the weekend to head out of the city and into the beautiful mountains and do some hiking.  A few weeks ago we headed to Whistler with our Aussie Eaton Arrowsmith friends to do the Joffre Lake hike.

This hike is an hour further north of Whistler past Pemberton and turned out to be a jewell definitely worth visiting!  The 10km round trip was filled with some of the most beautiful scenery!  Yes lots of uphill but nothing a regular semi fit person couldn’t handle.  We had 17 in our group – 1 dad, 6 mums and 10 kids aged from 16 to 8.

There are three lakes to visit on the walk – one near the car park at the start of the climb and two lakes near the top!  Incredible blue water, beautiful water falls and a glacier at the top!  Fabulous in every way.  By the time we were back to our car our iPhones told us we had done 20,000 steps and climbed 98 floors!  

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July 4, 2017

Summer is in full swing here in beautiful Vancouver and the extreme change in daylight hours is not the only noticeable thing happening (mid winter we are lucky to have 8 hours with the sun up and currently we have 17 hours of daylight).   I have been out retracing my steps so I could capture the summer version of my favourite winter shots!  From white to green it is just stunning. Here they are summer -v- winter!  Both equally beautiful in their own way!

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The last two are taken in Whistler.  Hard to believe that this first shot is the same place and was in fact the venue for the 2010 winter Olympic downhill ski events!Sweet Style-0040Sweet Style-7502

January 21, 2016

While I love a trip the beach in summer I have to admit this year I have avoided it and opted for the “lets just stay home and swim in the pool ” – the beach is stressfull at this time of the year – the parking, the crowds, the stress of watching the kids go out too far in the waves when I am not really in rescue mode and I will say it again – the parking! On Monday however it threw caution to the wind and did an impromptu “let’s go the beach kids”.  It was 4pm when I said it so with that everyone threw on their swimming costumes, grabbed a towel and we jumped in the car.  By 4.20pm we were parked beach front at Manly (for a cost of $8 per hour mind you – while this did save the finding a park stress, it still freaks me out that a few hours by the beach costs this much).

The weather was perfect – a beautiful 28 degree summer day! My idea of magic – the old fashioned fish and chips while watching the locals was also a pretty good way to end the day!

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