January 21, 2016

While I love a trip the beach in summer I have to admit this year I have avoided it and opted for the “lets just stay home and swim in the pool ” – the beach is stressfull at this time of the year – the parking, the crowds, the stress of watching the kids go out too far in the waves when I am not really in rescue mode and I will say it again – the parking! On Monday however it threw caution to the wind and did an impromptu “let’s go the beach kids”.  It was 4pm when I said it so with that everyone threw on their swimming costumes, grabbed a towel and we jumped in the car.  By 4.20pm we were parked beach front at Manly (for a cost of $8 per hour mind you – while this did save the finding a park stress, it still freaks me out that a few hours by the beach costs this much).

The weather was perfect – a beautiful 28 degree summer day! My idea of magic – the old fashioned fish and chips while watching the locals was also a pretty good way to end the day!

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