February 8, 2017

The snow continues to make life in Vancouver interesting!  I took a walk today down to Kitslano beach and it has a good 20cm layer covering it!  I even saw a lady cross country skiing across it!  So funny.

The pool has frozen over – great for the ducks! It still looks beautiful though.  There have been some fun additions to the local tennis courts as well – not great if you are a tennis coach however! 

More snow predicted for today but with a warm front coming in they are saying that is will be ice/rain – supposed to be nasty stuff!

Sweet Style-6533

Frozen!Sweet Style-6526Tricky going uphill in the car!
Sweet Style-6538

City ViewSweet Style-6544

Watching the world go bySweet Style-6522

Our streetSweet Style-6551

Chilly WaterSweet Style-6555

Cold wall
Sweet Style-6558

The Beach
Sweet Style-6567

Sweet Style-6570

Tennis anyone?Sweet Style-6573

Cute noseSweet Style-6578

Beach? Pool? Not todaySweet Style-6587

Winter BeachSweet Style-6583

Cold commute
Sweet Style-6588

Beach skiing? (Yes I did see a lady on cross country skis)Sweet Style-6591

Just waitingSweet Style-6596

Bare trees
Sweet Style-6600

Pretty corner
Sweet Style-6604

Not much to worry about with that!Sweet Style-6607

Pretty houseSweet Style-6613

SlideSweet Style-6617

Nice view

January 21, 2016

While I love a trip the beach in summer I have to admit this year I have avoided it and opted for the “lets just stay home and swim in the pool ” – the beach is stressfull at this time of the year – the parking, the crowds, the stress of watching the kids go out too far in the waves when I am not really in rescue mode and I will say it again – the parking! On Monday however it threw caution to the wind and did an impromptu “let’s go the beach kids”.  It was 4pm when I said it so with that everyone threw on their swimming costumes, grabbed a towel and we jumped in the car.  By 4.20pm we were parked beach front at Manly (for a cost of $8 per hour mind you – while this did save the finding a park stress, it still freaks me out that a few hours by the beach costs this much).

The weather was perfect – a beautiful 28 degree summer day! My idea of magic – the old fashioned fish and chips while watching the locals was also a pretty good way to end the day!

Sweet Style-5516 Sweet Style-5518 Sweet Style-5525Sweet Style-5530SB Manly 2Sweet Style-5567SB manly 1 Sweet Style-5600 Sweet Style-5611 Sweet Style-5614 Sweet Style-5622 Sweet Style-5626 Sweet Style-5634 Sweet Style-5646

Sweet Style-5661 Sweet Style-5672 Sweet Style-5673

August 28, 2015

After a few days of rain this week the sunshine is back today!  The warmer weather is not far away – you can feel the change in the air!  Won’t be long and the beaches will be packed again.  Does anyone else here follow along with Uge from Aquabumps!  I so look forward to his daily emails and seeing daily life on Bondi Beach and surrounds.  Here are another few shots from my recent trip to his neck of the woods – must do it more often (if only it wasn’t for the parking the traffic!)!  

Have a great weekend. x

sweet-style-7801sweet-style-7819_c sweet-style-7802