February 15, 2017

We headed out to watch the ice hockey last weekend.  While it would be great to watch a professional game with the Canucks we decided this time around to go and watch our local University team the UBC Thunderbirds in action.  Tickets are $5 each whereas pro games are well over $100 each!

We were particularly fascinated by the constant changing of players every time the puck changed ends – I had no idea that you had that many players on a team!  The other fascination for me was the names on some of the jersey’s – some of these guys have long names!

Great night at the ice hockey and our team won 4-1! 

Sweet Style-6479

Go UBC!Sweet Style-6458

How did they fit his name on the shirt?Sweet Style-6460

Coaches looking smartSweet Style-6464

Fast and furios Sweet Style-6466

One for the other teamSweet Style-6488

UBC in the leadSweet Style-6492

There was even a Popoff on the team!