January 30, 2011

Purple, silver and white were the colours used for this candy table I put together for one lucky 7 year old last Friday.  With a Rockstar theme and the birthday girls favourite colour being purple the candy table tied in beautifully with the festivities of the day.
Disco balls hung from the ceiling.
 Gumballs, marshmallows dipped in chocolate and mini merringues

Thank you Charlotte for asking me to be part of your celebration.


January 26, 2011

I love this time of the year – long warm summer days and a bonus public holiday mid week to celebrate Australia Day.
Sienna created a lovely welcome sign for our front door, we put the flags out and then we spent the day in the backyard with family – a great Aussie bbq followed by a relaxing swim in the pool.

Love this Aussie BBQ cupcake – the sign of a perfect day!
Final Image: The Cake Mistress
I hope your day has been fabulous as well.


January 24, 2011

A very impromptu getaway for Mr A and I last weekend proved to be just what we needed after our long week.  We were looking for an excuse to escape for our 10th wedding anniversary (which slipped by last September) so when the opportunity came up we took it.
The south coast of New South Wales is such a wonderful place to visit – I am not one to head south very often but when I do I am constantly reminded of how picturesque and tranquil this wonderful country of ours is.  
Our first stop was Kiama – I have not been to Kiama since my school days and it is so much prettier than I remembered.

 The lighthouse stood majestically on the hill and the famous Kiama blow hole did it’s thing!

 After a lovely drive through the Kangaroo Valley we arrived at our destination for the night – Peppers Craigeburn in Bowral.  The air felt clean and the lush greenery we could see from our room was wonderful.

And to end our weekend one last photo of my trusty little Honda who has served me so well for the past 10 years – the main reason for our little trip was to pick up a new car we had ordered and hand over my lovely CRV.  A small little glitch with our new car meant that we were unable to take her home just yet.  We headed off in a loan car until our new one is delivered to us but I felt a little sad as we left her sitting there by her lonesome in the dealership.  I could hear her saying “they have driven me 3 hours south and just left me here”.  Good bye my little friend – may you find a new owner that will love you like I did!
On a final note – thank you to all my lovely friends who left such heartfelt comments after yesterday’s post – it really did mean a lot.


January 23, 2011

I did think I was back last week but it appears things turned out a little different and it was a false alarm!  
I had great plans for last week as Mr A was still on holidays and going to be house dad while I got on top of things, made more plans for my business and got back to blogging.  One small problem with that plan – while ever mum can be heard in the next room house, dad believes that this means he can come and go and do as he pleases and mum will just stop whatever it is she is doing and fix it (or feed it as the case may be with my children).
Our week then ended on a very sad note with the passing and farewell of a very courageous friend James – James is the son of Mr A’s good mate from school.  He was just 10 and lost his battle with cancer having struggled with it for more than 8 years of his life.  I do like to think that my life experiences have helped me to never take my loved ones for granted but watching how James and his family have fought this disease has given me a new perspective – none of us really know what we will be dealt in life or how we will cope – one thing is for sure, things in our house have become much calmer this week and the spilt drink on the floor is no longer the end of the world.
So we will see how this week turns out – I do plan to get back to blogging – my new calmer perspective means that I will not get stressed if I don’t quite make it to the blog and seeing as we still have a week left of school holidays this plan will be a wise one. This final quote is perfect though – just what I need right now.


January 16, 2011

Well a new year and a small make-over here .  I have lots of plans underway and lots to look forward to in the coming months.  While my new business Sweet Style is up and running, the past week has been a little surreal for all living in Australia and I have not really felt like I should be blogging about all things pretty while parts of Australia are submerged in water.  We are blessed to be in a part of the country that is not directly affected by the floods in Queensland, northern NSW and now Victoria but with so much devastation it is has been hard to think of anything else.
So today some pictures of things to be grateful for – family, fun, the first book I have had an opportunity to read for a long time and even a cute koala who was living in the tree out the front of our house – all on our recent holiday a few hours north of Sydney.
I hope you like the small changes to my blog – the new header and change to the layout just a few of the new things to happen to kick off the year.
I look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.