April 4, 2017

We have just had the girls first Spring Break holiday and while the Canadian version of spring is a little different to ours in Australia it provided us with the opportunity to learn to ski as well as take a really fun trip to Mexico.  

Today the skiing part!  The girls have never been on skis and Emilio and I had attempted the odd weekend of skiing 30 plus years ago so we were all total beginners.  

We have such amazing access to ski resorts from our home in Vancouver and after a bit of research we decided that our mountain would be Cypress Mountain.  It is a 35-40 minute drive from our house and we can even see the mountain out our windows from home!  

We booked for 4 days of morning lessons – unfortunately the Vancouver weather decided that it would return to rain during that week.  It didn’t make for the best conditions to learn in however it did mean the ski slopes were a little quieter!  

As to be expected the girls just got straight out there and after 4 days the instructor had them on the blue runs.  Emilio was doing well and could manage to get down the green runs while I was still on the beginners slope!  

We have been back again this past weekend and I am gradually getting better but just a bit too fearful of getting up too much speed and losing control!  Persistence will get me there however and I will get myself down a green run this year!!!  The weather was beautiful and sunny this past weekend so it was a lot busier but still fairly quite compared to some resorts!

With the ski resorts having had the best season in 10 years we hope to be able to get out there at least once more before the end of season!  Here are a few snaps from day one and this weekend just past.

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