November 29, 2010

I was on a mission last week to see if I could produce a cake pop!
My mission failed – big time – capital F type failure
I jumped on facebook and mentioned my failure and my lovely party friends came back at me with lots of suggestions – add copha, use Wilton melts, add some oil, keep melting the chocolate!
Alas it was too late for my cake pops, so girls I have collected all your tips and will be better prepared next time!
I did however have a variety of “sticks” on hand as I also wanted to make pretty chocolate dipped sticks – pretzel sticks, wafter sticks, bread sticks – any sticks I could find really. Β So please enjoy some time with me (and my sticks) in my kitchen…

Β Can’t believe I am showing you this but here is my poor excuse for a cake pop!Β 
Mr A said it tasted good – as long as you closed your eyes!

With these lovely gold and silver sprinkles on them I was pleased with how my sticks and pretzels turned out – they would be perfect for a christmas dessert table!

Any further tips on making the perfect cake pop! Please – pretty please?


13 thoughts on “Dipped in Chocolate

  1. Leanne, the varying sticks dipped in chocolate look fabulous, I might have to borrow your idea for an upcoming table I am creating. Did you get my msg about the fondue pot? I highly recommend it when making cake pops πŸ™‚

    Look forward to seeing your next attempt at cake pops!!

    Katena x

  2. I too tried the cake pops just last weekend – couldn’t even get the cake part right. I think I added too much frosting – they were so heavy that the cake slid right to the bottom of the stick! My chocolate, although melted, was way to thick. Tasted great though…. with the eyes closed! Katrina V

  3. When I made my cake styled pop, I crushed a packet of oreos – strawberry flavoured and mixed them with cream cheese instead of cake, very yummy, I used Wilton’s chocolate dipper to coat the chocolate, Ikea over here in Perth have a double boiler which hooks onto the saucepan, I find that easier to melt chocolate as it doesnt move. I have the same Corinthians sticks awaiting chocolate dipping in my cupboard. Melanie

  4. Hi Leanne, Just love the choc dipped waffer sticks! Would you mind if i borrow the idea for an upcoming christening party? My first client! πŸ™‚ Yai!
    I’ve also been meaning to create the amazing cake pop’s & have been doing some research… Bakearella has a few tips on her blog & there is some great ideas and feedback from other people who have tried them aswell… Seems double dipping is a good way to get that nice clean white look…
    xoxo Ana

  5. Oooh, the cake pops drama, so familiar with it! About 3 weeks ago I had big adventure with the cake pops too. My first attempt was a big F as well, but then I’ve discovered 2 recipes for cakes (it’s very important the cake to be quite moist) that work really well with the cake pops. I’m actually writing a post about my experience with the pops and my tips, as I discovered not having the US ingredients make a huge difference.
    But Nestle Melts worked pretty well for me, just don’t melt them in the microwave, but on the stove, like you make chocolate ganache. Also, if you are colouring them use oil based colouring, as the normal one is not good for chocolate (I’ve tried it). I also noticed that the white chocolate melts don’t need copha or oil, as they are liquidly enough, but the dark chocolate melts do & I just added a little vegetable oil. Don’t give up on them πŸ™‚ I’ll email you more tips in the next couple of days if you are interested. At the end mine turned out really good. I even tried the cupcake pops and the ice cream pops (big hit with the kids).

  6. I tried cake pops for the first time a week ago and I had a big F for failure as well. Got the book, looks simple, chocolate too thick and my balls didn’t resemble round balls but spinning tops….will have to have another go in the holidays. Don’t feel too bad.

  7. I did the ice-cream pops a couple of weeks ago for my daughters party and they were not too bad. I used Wilton melts and pound cake – I think the heavy cake is the trick to a solid ball than covers easily.

  8. love the wafers and pretzels! great idea πŸ™‚

    with the cake pops- i use madeira cake & betty crockers vanilla icing. i pop the balls in the freezer for say 20mins. then, melt the white choc (nestle) and add a bit of vege oil so its smooth not gluggy. this worked well, i made them for maddoxs party πŸ™‚

  9. Have a look on the Bubble and Sweet blog. Linda is in Brisbane and made cookie pops (look just like cake pops) using crushed Tim Tams and cream cheese – no baking needed! First time I ever made them and they came out great. I did use Wilton Candy Melts and just melted slowly in microwave on low heat. If not smooth enough, just add a little veg oil. Can’t believe a non baker like me is giving tips, but hey if I could do it anyone can.

  10. My first attempt @ cakepops looked awfull. But I didn’t give up and to be honest they are looking better and better each time.
    Some tips from Bakerella and me : Don’t add all your frosting to the crumbled cake, if you have a moist cake you won’t need much at all. Freeze the pops for 15 min, dip the stick into the melts and into the pop and refrigerate every 5 orso till you’ve finished the whole batch.
    You need to dillute the wilton candymelts quite a bit (i use crisco), the consistency should be quite runny when you lift up the spoon from stirring. When melting, above a stove au bain marie works best for me. When dipping the pops, i like to move them in a small circular motion and continue to do so as i take them out.
    Hope this helps !

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