October 13, 2009

Decided I might join in the festivities at the Willow Manor.
For me though it is all about the dress and I just cannot decide what to wear so here are a few of my favourites!

Pink is always top on my list – my favourite colour.

Gold can be stunning

And silver looks so elegant

Red is beautiful and dramatic

But black – so sophisticated!

7 thoughts on “~ Joining the Festivities ~

  1. Red. My favourite. Kevin Costner remarked that it was a beautiful choice of colour,as we approached the Manor.I thought Willow looked divine in her choice of red.So many choices. I am sure you will look beautiful in whatever you choose.

  2. Wear one and bring a second one! We’ll be there partying so long, you could change part way through the day! How stunning you will look….I’m sure your dance card is FULL!

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