October 28, 2009

My beautiful Indiana turned four months old yesterday.

I just love that beautiful smile she gives me in the morning when she sees me – melts my heart every time.
She has become a little bit of a challenge in the sleeping department in the past few weeks. Poor thing has to contend with two big sisters who always have somewhere to be and a mum who has been here there and everywhere while building this house.
In the past few weeks she has lost the ability to get herself to sleep because of all of the out and about we were doing. Everytime I put her into her cot she screams and screams and screams – poor little cherub – not sure how to sort this one out as she really is a tough one unlike the other girls who ocassionally did this but never to the extent that Miss Indiana is.
Certainly making for an interesting time while trying to unpack and get sorted – I still think she is pretty devine though so we will work it out.

One thought on “~ Four Months ~

  1. Leanne….I feel your pain! A little one who can’t settle is cruel and unusual punishment – especially when you’re trying to unpack. Do you have an electric swing? I only discovered this little gem with my last two….bliss! We used to call it the Parent-o-matic 2000. I know some would frown on the use of a prop, but some days it really did make all the difference. I can’t believe she’s four months already…and so, so beautiful. Hope you get some sleep soon. Meredy xo.
    p.s. looking forward to the photos of your new amazing house. Even your garage door is glamorous!

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