March 2, 2010

My beautiful little monkey is 8 months already – slow down, slow down you are growing too fast!! She has just started to pull herself along the floor like a little snake – my days of leaving her quietly playing on her little mat surrounded by toys are coming to a close and I am not quite sure I am ready for it yet!! Three teeth have also popped out in the last month but she is just as beautiful as ever.

3 thoughts on “8 Months

  1. Those eyes! Oh Leanne, she is just beautiful. I always think of your girls as “the golden girls”….little rays of sunshine, each one. Meredy xo.
    p.s. thanks for your lovely comment the other day….we really should organise to meet one of these days!

  2. such lovely girls. we have three of those squidgy
    gorgeous girls, too…but 18, 20, and 24.

    there are two boys also, 22 and 26. i know i
    shouldn’t say it, but i find the boys completely

    i know everyone tells you this, but love them up
    all you can. they grow up so fast.


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