October 20, 2009

A little bit of a trying day today so have to remind myself to keep smiling as at the end of the week we will be in our new house.
I have a nasty cold – making me tired and frustrated with so much to do.
The big girls have been a little trying after four days at home.
Little bubba is testing me on the sleeping front – has decided that she really does not want to be put to bed in HER BED!!
Husband has been spending many hours at the new house watering the new grass leaving me to deal with dinner, bath and bed time.
I haven’t been able to visit the house to see my newly polished floor boards!!
Tomorrow is a new day and big girls are off to pre-school so back to the house I will go – carpet being laid tomorrow …
Keep Smiling!!

One thought on “~ Keep Smiling ~

  1. You’ve got such a great attitude Leanne. You are doing an amazing job, just to keep a smile on your face. Is your head spinning? I’m so glad that you blog. I’m sure you’ll look back in a year’s time and think “How on earth did I do all that?”.

    My hope for you this week is that you get green lights in your travels, easy parking spots, sleeping babies, a clear head and that your keys are always easily found (this is an issue for me!). Thinking of you lots. Meredy xo.

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