April 13, 2010

One of my favourite rooms in our house is my beautiful kitchen.
It is spacious and sleek and I love it. We have the most amazing 5 and half meter long island bench which means you never get in anyones way when preparing dinner!

These stools have followed us from our previous house and we would love to replace them but are yet to find any we like.

My pantry is amazing and is behind these doors – only the centre door opens and they you walk in to find loads of storage!

I am in love with my Abey tap – known as the beast it is just fantastic and ever so lovely to look at! The zip hot water tap is also an amazing little feature (one expensive kettle however) – it has been well worth the expense as it is so fantastic to have boiling water whenever you need it.

There is loads of storage on both sides of the island and when the bi-fold doors are open it feels like you are cooking outdoors – it really is just lovely!

If you look closely you will see some little legs scooting along the floor behind the two chairs at the end of the family room! That is little Indi exploring all corners of the house or maybe she was playing hide and seek from her big sisters! Funny the things your don’t realise are happening as you take photos!

26 thoughts on “Our House – The Kitchen

  1. W.O.W. Leanne, that is one amazing kitchen. I’m v.impressed at the completely clear bench top, it must be a dream to prepare meals on. The zip tap must be wonderful too. Is it wonderful to see all your creativity and dreams come to life? Happy cooking! Meredy xo.
    p.s. you know what stools I’d suggest, don’t you? I think the Tolix stools would look fab in your kitchen.

  2. Hi Leanne

    What an AMAZING kitchen….that island is a dream come true, all that space!!! Wow!! And those fabulous doors that open on to the outside….WOW!!!

    It must be just wonderful to design and create your own home….I watch enough house programmes on TV to know how stressful it is, but at the end it always seems so worth it!

    Nice job!

    Simone xo

  3. Leeanne, your gorgeous kitchen is one of the most functional & glamorous I’ve ever seen! Your big entertaining moments like Chrissie & New Year must be a pleasure, as that long, long island bench just begs for big platters of yummy food to be spread all over it. Well done realising your dreams. Looking forward to my invitation to your next big bash!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Bonjour Leanne?
    Just found your beautiful blog via Simone at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket. She was so right, you’ve done afabulous job on the kitchen; The huge island is a dream, I’m sure you enjoy it every day. I love the little legs scooting across the floor in the background!!
    Will be following along and will be back soon.

  5. Hi, just wanted to say I think your house is amazing. I also am visiting from The Bottom of the Ironing Basket so looking forward to having a read of the rest of your blog.

  6. Hi Leanne…another one coming over from Simone. She is right, aussie bloggers are some of the best! Your kitchen looks like the perfect family kitchen to me. The thing I love about Australian design is that it compliments the lifestyle so well. Fantastic weather, fantastic views all make for great entertaining indoors and out and your house seems to offer the best of both! We lived in Sydney for many years and there is nothing like it!!

    All the best

    Jeanne 🙂

  7. What a beautiful kitchen, Leanne…I also stopped over from Simone’s and in total agreement with her – you have such a lovely blog! Have a great day! xxoo 🙂

  8. Boredom is a sign of a lack of imagination..that commenter seems to lack it. Your kitchen is the most sleek, clean and COOL room around. I love the white cabinets, the orientation of the big old island to the sliding glass doors and even the stools!


  9. Oh my goodness, this kitchen is a dream come true. My favorite part is how the doors open up to go outside. You have beautiful views. It looks right out of a magazine! I love it! I found you through Simone… can’t wait to read more 🙂

  10. Simone sure is a gem isn’t she?? I am so glad she sent us to your lovely blog to see your AMAZINGLY dreamy, beautiful kitchen. I love, love, love it! Very nice to meet you.


  11. Love the clean lines of your kitchen. Ignore the boring anonymous – as my mother used to say .. ‘there’s always one’

  12. Another migrant from the bottom of Simone’s ironing basket, but I intend to bookmark your blog. Please remind yourself that anyone who has nothing to say but something negative is an unhappy person, someone to be pitied. It’s one thing to offer constructive criticism, but even that is quite unnecessary in this venue. Your kitchen is glorious. I very nearly swooned, for MY kitchen is so small, I literally can reach everything — stove, sink, fridge, prep counter — without moving my feet. Love it, love it.

  13. Isn’t it in our natures, that the one hurtful comment overshadows all the positive. Try not to think about it Leanne. Anonymous is obviously jealous. I’ve also found you via Simone. Your kitchen is beautiful – that long long island is truly enviable. xx

  14. I found you through Simone as well and am sorry that you had someone who is so clearly unhappy leave something trite and unkind. I never understand why people do that and always feel that they must lead an empty life to have done that…
    Lovely kitchen – very simple and clean.

  15. wait!!! the previous comment was from mimicharmante.blogspot.com who happens to be staying with Ange!

    Now the REAL Ange says ‘Am I correct in believing that the nasty comment person didn’t even have the courage to leave their name?’ Hah! Case in point!!! Poor, sad soul with such an empty life and so little courage!
    Congratulations on such a beautiful house.

  16. I’m late to the party, but I was just reading about this over at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket – I love the chic simplicity of your kitchen. I covet that giant island! A white kitchen is so clean and bright. 🙂

  17. Hi! I came to your blog through BYW. I absolutely love your kitchen!! I want it!! My husband and I live overseas and we do not own a home, so it will be many years till we can have anything we like, but I will definitely remember these photos till when we could have a kitchen I want. Your blog is lovely. I love your party ideas, too! Your girls are lucky! I myself have two girls and they also love to dress in their tutus. Nice to have found you and I will come back to explore more on your blog! Kaho

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