April 13, 2011

There are so many exciting things happening with me and my new business – a new website is just one of those exciting things and I hope to launch soon. ┬áIn the meantime to get things started I am now selling the lovely little stamps I used at Sofia’s Bubblegum Party (you can see more here and here).
If you are interested in purchasing your very own stamp I am now taking orders!
Personalised Stamps – $25 (+ postage)
To order please email me at leanne@sweetstyle.com.au with the following:-
Name to go on your stamp
Address for delivery
I will then be in touch with payment details.

Don’t forget you can have any word/words put on the stamp – I doesn’t have to be a name.
How about thank-you or enjoy to name just a few!

You can now order your stamp in the store!


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