September 23, 2009

What an amazing day we are experiencing here in Sydney. It was such an erie feeling this morning as we woke as normally the sun is up bright and early at this time of year and everyone is waking early. This morning however we had this amazing orange glow, the wind was wild and the red dust ferocious! I don’t think we have ever seen anything like it here before.
Here are some amazing photos of the Sydney dust storm.

Can you believe this image below is of Bondi beach

Images courtesy of flikr

2 thoughts on “~ A dusty old day ~

  1. Hi Leanne,

    I follow your blog every week but today decided to go back to 2009 and read everything and came accross this post.
    I will always remember the 23 September 2009 as my husband and I got married Saturday 27th and what a clean-up we had at our place only 4 days out from the wedding!!!

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