16 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. PS I just took a look back at your recent exterior shots of your house….it is absolutely amazing….incredible!!! Very very stylish!!!! Lucky girl 🙂

  2. Hello – I popped over from Simone’s blog and think your blog and your house are beautiful. What is the deal with anonymous commenters who always leave a drop of nastiness? Bizarre. I think your kitchen is just gorgeous. LB x

  3. Lovely quote! And so true…if only we could act on it… Just came from The Bottom of the Irnoning Basket! And so happy to have found your blog!

  4. Gorgeous darlings…..lucky you ENJOY!
    popped over from Bottom of the Ironing basket,
    People should follow the old adage…nothing nice to say don’t say it at all especially in the blog world….

  5. Hi Leanne, Simone sent me over. Lovely to find another Australian blog I wasn’t aware of. Anonymous comments are not ‘acts of kindess’ are they? I just don’t get it and don’t see the point..what on earth does it prove. Anyway, love your house and your blog. I’m following.

  6. I popped in from Bottom of the Ironing Basket and am delighted I did! Your blog and home is just lovely. I shall add you to my favorites and visit often.

    Please disregard the mean comments. They just try to spoil happiness and only succeed if we give them the power.


  7. Hi, I’m stopping by from “The bottom of the ironing basket” (which I’m not sure there is ever a bottom to the ironing basket). She shared lovely photos of your home. I’m glad she did. Now I’ve met again, someone new. Enjoy your day.

    Penny Sue

  8. oh, amen to that. People are so stiff here, they don’t really do kindness – politeness sometimes, but not kindness. I’m me, I stopped caring that people stare at me like a martian because I smile too much, talk too loud (which isn’t hard when everything is so bloody quiet) and help strangers whenever I get the chance.

    You’d think the strangers in question would be pleased – sometimes they look at me like they expect there will be strings attached!

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