August 21, 2009

Another weekend of parties for us! August is a big month for my family so we continue our celebrations this weekend with my nephew who turns 13 and my niece who turns 3 plus the re-celebration of my sisters birthday last week and Sienna’s 5th birthday last week! I have had enough cake to last me a good month or two!

Hope your weekend is filled with lots of surprises as well!

August 20, 2009

I love it – Such a cool name for a book.
I purchased this great home organiser last year and it has been fantastic (being the obsessive organiser I am!)
This week it was my sisters birthday and she is probably the polar opposite to me – disorganized and definitely not obsessive so I thought what a great gift this could be for her as she is always complaining that she can’t find things and has no system!!
Now all I have to do is get her to fill it in and use it and hopefully she will feel a little more in control.

August 13, 2009

Oh I would love to be spending the weekend here in the Maldives!!
This weekend however is going to be filled with all things five!!  Our eldest daughter is having her 5th Birthday Party so while I will be entertaining 20 five year olds my post today is dreaming about where I would love to be spending the weekend!!! Having said that however I am looking forward to watching the excitement on her face at her Disco Diva Party.
Hope you have a great weekend.