May 23, 2011

Saturday was one of those glorious weather days here in Sydney – after a week or so of cold weather that made us think we were in for a long winter, autumn returned in it’s glory.
So after the Saturday morning routine of taking kids to singing and dancing, my friend Natasha and I decided to throw 4 of the kids in the car and head to a beautiful part of the world know as Palm Beach.  We had an ulterior motive of course as we had been longing to visit a few hidden gems that could be found in this part of the northern beaches of Sydney.
First stop was the gorgeous store Little Paper Lane in Mona Vale – a stationery lovers paradise – admittedly not the best place to be with 4 children in tow as between every “Oh look at this” was a “put that down”, “don’t touch that”, “no you can’t have that”.  Little Paper Lane was stocked with so many delights we could have spent hours just searching each little corner of the store – I can see a child free visit coming again soon!
Palm Beach was our next stop where we ordered lunch and found a lovely spot by the water to sit back and soak in the gorgeous weather.  
Fish and chips, stationery purchases to admire and kids on the beach (they even went in the water a week before it is officially winter!)

Our final stop was a beautiful little shop called Love Loans and Linen – lots of delicious finds in here and this time we were smart and took it in shifts with the kids so we could enjoy a little bit of shopping heaven.  
Such a beautiful part of the world were the lucky locals really do live with the philosophy in the sign 
“Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life”
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11 thoughts on “Happiness – On the Weekend

  1. It certainly looks like a gorgeous place, fabulous photo’s, Leanne! Can’t believe Sienna is in her swimmers one week before winter 🙂

    Enjoy your week.

    Katena x

  2. Yay thanks for this lovely post! i hope u had a lovely visit to Little paper lane and sorry i couldnt be there to meet with you!! haha it is a bit hard with kids cos they want to touch everything but we dont mind as long as they dont eat the paper(yes this has happened)haha!! hopefully u can come for a visit again soon and it looks like u had such a wonderful day out!

  3. Great pics. Love it! Saw you gals unloading the car Saturday afternoon when on my way to gym. Was a beautiful day, wasn’t it!

  4. I have the happiness picture in my living room. Love that range !! lovely pics and a caught some of that Sydney sun when we were there last weekend.Bliss x

  5. thankyou lovely leanne….

    this is where i grew up…
    my heart still jumps a little beat when some one blogs about Palmy…

    i could do with a Bow Wow fix and it seems a few hours in that gorgeous shop *love, loans & linen*….

    a blustery old day here in the english countryside…my kids would love to be swimming with yours…

    gorgeous pickies…

    melissa xx

  6. What a fabulous collage! Glad to hear you are making the most of our sunny weekends! I am definitely going to pay a visit to your suggested shops…time to take a drive!!!

  7. Hi Leanne, I just found you via Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays – I really loved looking at your pictures, to think that you can get to that lovely beach so easily – I am jealous! Beautiful photography too. I will come back, Ros

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