May 29, 2011

Hello everyone – I am back – not that I have been anywhere except here burning the midnight oil putting together the finishing touches on my new website.

The other reason for my absence has been that my blogger account was having big problems last week so I could not log in, write any posts or leave any comments on anyones else’s blog.  
Pleased the problem seems to have resolved itself today so I thought I would drop in with some of my winter fashion favourites for the coming season – once again my virtual shopping spree has been at Seed Femme – classic easy to wear pieces at a reasonable prices.  While I am definitely a summer girl at heart I do enjoy winter fashion for it’s layering, long boots and cosy knits.  Is there something you love about winter fashion?

It is going to be a big and exciting week with the launch of my new website and online store – I can’t wait to share it with you all.


3 thoughts on “Winter Fashion Favourties

  1. Don’t let dear Mr. A off that plane unless he’s carrying a Kate Spade store tote with him! MOTH’s now about 10 years ahead on brownie points due to his ‘generosity’.
    Millie x

  2. Love your choices Leanne, and “snap” with the dress as it is hanging in my wardrobe too!

    Looking forward to your online shop reveal!!

    Christine xo

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