May 15, 2011

The weather has turned here in Sydney – it is still officially autumn but it has been so very cold!  Of course this means one thing – yummy new winter fashion!  Here are my picks for the girls wardrobe from the current range at Seed.
My picks for Sienna
My picks for Sofia
My picks for Indi


7 thoughts on “Winter Clothes for the Girls

  1. Gorgeous selections Leanne for your girls, however just 1 question – where is yours? I had a “turbo shop” with my husband (and daughter) yesterday at Seed Femme for my winter wardrobe – just gorgeous clothes for all mums out there – thank goodness that Seed has finally made it to Perth!!

    Christine xo

  2. Melinda a few of us agree here – the girls clothes are oh so cute but getting girls dressed and out the door is always such a process – I am sure boys are so much easier in this department.
    Working on my selection Christine – too many nice things to decide on!

  3. Gorgeous, Gorgeou, Gorgeous Leanne- I adore Seed and would have my eye on Sienna’s boots & cape myself!

    Happy Birthday Sweetie, now I need to go see how your shop news is, as I love your birthday spread!!!

    That cake is amazing!!!

    Melissa x

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