July 29, 2011

Happy Friday everyone
Friday Favourites are back – (well for a little while anyway) – it has been a good 6 months since my regular Friday Favourties post was around so time to bring it back.
Today some gorgeous ways to display your drinks – the possibilities are endless.
The links to all the photos are listed below but you can also find them all on my Pinterest Page here.

1. unknown 2. here 3. here 4. here

5.  here  6. unknown 7.  here  8. here

9. here 10. here 11. here

Source here

Have a delicious weekend everyone. 


5 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – Gorgeous Drinks

  1. Such a beautiful selection of glasses and bottles Leanne! Would love to know your thoughts on how best to manage the use of glass cups/bottles at a little kids birthday party when both kids are under 5? Do you think its best to use the glass bottles for kids who are a bit older?

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