November 1, 2011

It has been a while since I have received a blogging award but last week the lovely Mel from Georgica Pond has awarded me a Versatile Bloggers Award.  Mel and I recently caught up in real life at the ABCD Bloggers meet-up – both of us knew there was something familiar about each other and when we started asking questions it turned out we went to high school together! How funny is that!  (It has been 25 years so we were excused for not being able to pin point exactly how we knew each other).

Anyway do pop over and see Mel’s lovely blog – she is nearing the end of a major reno and has done the most amazing job!

The rules of the award are that you must tell 7 things about yourself and then pay it forward to some blogs I love and read.  So as I have in the past listed 7 things about me I had better come up with 7 new and random things that I haven’t mentioned before – I have added a twist and today they will be Christmas related – what better way to kick of the season.

1.  My favourite Christmas present ever from my husband was the one I received last year – my beautiful Ubercircles by Uberkate.  I have four medium circles – one for each of our girls with the name and birthday beautiful stamped on their own circle – I wear it every day.

2. Before kids I was very big into my running and used to meet my running group every Christmas morning for a run and breakfast by the beach – meant I could eat twice as much for the rest of the day!

3.  Growing up when the milkman used to deliver milk my dad would always order each of us a mini bottle of Chocolate milk to drink with breakfast as a special treat.

4. I spent the Christmas of 1990 on top of a mountain in Switzerland at a ski resort with my best friend – we wanted a white Christmas and this seemed to be a guaranteed way to get it.  We had no other family with us as we were travelling for a year so it was actually pretty lonely!

5. My uncle sat me down on christmas day when I was 12 and said that seeing as I was about to start high school it was time I was told that Santa wasn’t real (my parents were not impressed and yes I was naive).  My first question after the shock and disbelief was “does that mean the easter bunny does not exist as well”!

6. Growing up my Grandfather was a Santa’s helper in the department stores.  One year my mum and dad left Pops “Santa pants” at the bottom of our fireplace and pretended that Santa’s pants fell off when he was going back up the chimney!

7. Christmas is my favourite time of the year – I know that is not random but I just had to say it – I love the fact that we are in the middle of summer and spending time with our favourite people – I just love it. 
So now to tag some other blogs that I love and read around the globe – lets see if we can find out 7 random Christmas things about them.

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Nina – Stylizmo
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Melissa – Miss Sew and So

I look forward to continuing some fun Christmas posts in the coming weeks – bring on the festive season.


5 thoughts on “7 New Things (That are Christmas Related)

  1. Hello sweet – ahh how nice of you to think of me, and I LOVE your Christmas theme! Now that’s got me thinking for my response. Can’t get over your rude awakening to the so-called truth about Santa! I would still give anything for it to be true 😉 Take care, Lou x

  2. I am not that much into Christmas theme, but everything changed this year after I made some “Christmas” cake pops lol
    I live in Brazil and we are far from having a white Christmas here as well, and I must confess I don’t like it! I like snow, the cold, and people falling on ice! 🙂

    I hope you have a nice day! Btw, I love your blog! 🙂

  3. I adore Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year by a mile, and that means absolutely everything to do with Christmas as well. So enjoyed reading the 7 things about you with the Chrissy theme. What a great idea. Looking forward to seeing some craft and sweet inspiration from you in the coming weeks!

  4. hi sweet- i love this list of 7 with a christmas theme….

    i’ve just had a lookie at those ubercircles- they are goregous!

    i have something like that but one circle with a pearl in the centre and the children’s names stamped around it in the silver and i too, adore it…

    we have our local farm and milkman deliver milk each day- i just love that your dad ordered choc milk for you when you were little- i must look into that!

    uncles can be cheeky- the end to believing should come when you are ready- and then somehow, for some reason it’s just not quite so devastating…maybe!!??

    thanks for linking me in…i’d love to throw my 7 things into the christmas hamper!

    Melissa xx

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