August 3, 2011

You know I always have such great intentions when it comes to cooking.
I look through the cook book – my mouth waters and I pick something that looks just perfect.
I write the grocery list, hop in the car and head to the shop…

Then something happens on my way to the shop … I look at the clock, realise I have so many other things to do and I have left it far to late to actually cook anything.

Only one thing left to do – off to my favourite Patisserie I go and bring home this!

Ahh that was so much easier … one day my baking priorities will move higher up the list but until that day I am glad I have the Patisserie.

What is your favourite dessert from the Patisserie?

Images: Sweet Style


5 thoughts on “Lemon Meringue

  1. My indulgence is an Opera Torte. Love it! I also have intentions to cook dinner tomorrow night, but with school, swimming, soccer training, after a big week of work I know we will end up at The Counter for dinner lol. Enjoy this gorgeous weather!

  2. Lemon is my favourite!! Your photos are amazing Leanne. How did you learn to take such amazing photos? Would love to share a cuppa someday soon and perhaps a little lemon meringue? Meredy xo

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