March 24, 2010

Finally Sofia is officially four! This birthday seems to be lasting a long time and as she went to bed tonight she even asked if it will still be her birthday when she wakes up!
Happy birthday my sweet girl – and yes I will forgive you for Sunday’s wardrobe meltdown when you refused to wear the beautiful new outfit mummy had purchased specially for your party …

(Before: Beautiful new outfit that did not even see the start of the party as it was too hot and made her itchy)

And went back into the old favourite which yes was much much more comfortable. Not sure whose tantrum was bigger Sofia’s or Mummy’s (or daddy’s for that matter when he realised she did not want to wear the hugely expensive new dress up costume that mummy got in trouble for buying!).

(After: Old favourite Belle costume that is very comfortable and far more practical with all that cake and running around!)

Sweet dreams my birthday girl.
If you would like to see more of Sofia’s Princess Party click here.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes and Wardrobe Malfunctions

  1. All I can say is “Typical!”. Isn’t it always the way? Maybe you can hang the dress on the wall in her bedroom as a sort of wall hanging to placate your husband so he knows it was worth the expense! I can understand why you bought it, it’s absolutely exquisite….shame about the itch. Meredy xo.

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