February 15, 2011

For me one of the trickiest parts of putting a dessert table together is finding the correct backdrop.  A great backdrop can really make or break a table.
A few weeks ago I put together a glamourous dessert table for a 13 year old and I have had lots of comments about the backdrop so today I thought I would give you a look at how I put my backdrop together.
The idea for the backdrop originally came from my friend Jessica from Oscar and Ruby – I blogged about her yesterday and showed some pictures of how her backdrop looked.
I used a slightly different method in how I put mine together and it was a great solution that really made the table look very glamourous.
Firstly I purchased a piece of dowel from my local hardware store.  My dowel was 19mm thick.  As my table was 1.8m long I had to get a piece that was 2.4m and cut it down to size.
Next I got together 5 or so different fabrics in co-ordinating colours.  Some of mine were the ones that Jess used in her backdrop and the rest were extra’s I picked up from spotlight.
The great thing about this backdrop was that the strips of fabric where quite vintage looking so just ripping them into strips worked a treat.  No being neat, no sewing.
Once I had all my strips of fabric ready I just went along and tied them to the dowel

A piece of ribbon was used so I could hang it on a hook on the wall.

And the great thing about this backdrop is that you can easily change the fabric colours to suit another colour scheme.



13 thoughts on “Backdrop Tutorial

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m wanting to do a similar backdrop for my daughter’s cupcake party next month. As I’m doing it on quite a tight budget (have promised hubby that we’d only do big parties every few years or so & last year we went big for her 1st lol) I’m wondering approx. how many metres of fabric did you use?

  2. again from me too….thank you thank you thank you….
    i have a royal tea party coming up on the 29th of april…
    our littlest audrey turns 6 on the day of the royal wedding…so amongst sourcing vintage gold frames and union jack napkins…i am now going to make your gorgeous backdrop in all shades of red white and blue florals….
    wow…i am really excited~ the finishing touch!

    melissa xx

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