February 18, 2011

Late last year we made a couple of attempts to get some nice photos of the family.  We thought a lovely shot of the entire family would be a great present for Mr A’s parents so we set about finding a date that would suit all 20 of us (no easy task!). 
Of course as with all good photo sessions we had to have one or two kids that just weren’t being co-operative on the day – unfortunately for me that happened to be one of my children!  Photo’s with Mr A’s family done but I was unhappy with our family shot – Sofia would just not smile (complaints of a sore tummy which not even chocolate would fix!).
Enter the solution – my family needed photo’s as well so another date was set and this time happy kids meant happy mum! Here are the results of both of our little shoots.
Shoot one – Mr A’s Family

Shoot 2 – Mrs A’s Family
With my mum and sister

All of our lovely photos were taken by Vincy So – you can find out more about Vincy here


15 thoughts on “Family Photos

  1. The last little series of three with you and the girls is gorgeous.
    You obviously put a lot of thought into the colours for both shoots and I love your dress!

    Felicity x

  2. Beautiful photo’s Leanne. The first set are my favourite, even though not all the girls are smiling…I know just how impossible these shoots can be and the million and one bribes you offer.


  3. Gorgeous photos – they are surely treasures to admire for many years ahead.
    We had a family photo session too at Christmas time when we went back to Melbourne – I wore the same White Country Road dress as you did – such good taste!!!!

    I’m patiently waiting to collect the prints when my husband goes back to Melbourne next month.

    thanks for sharing as always,

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