January 12, 2017

We took our first trip to Whistler last weekend – very much the thing to do when you are a Vancouver local!  It seems that most of the Aussie expats we have met that are living here spend their week in Vancouver and head to Whistler every weekend to enjoy the skiing!  

As we are not yet skiers we just did the sightseeing tour – spectacular!  I can see there will be many more weekends spent in this part of the world!  We were hard pressed to find a local while in Whistler – every cafe, lift operator, hotel desk operator and tourist came with an Australian accent – seems we like it over here!

They have had so much snow this season – the best for years – so we are definitely seeing this part of the world at its best! The girls had a great time tubing while Mr A and I stood around freezing our butts off – need to put an end to that and learn to ski!!  

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