December 30, 2014

So another year is coming to a close and I have had this blog post on my mind for some time.  I have sat down to write it many times but I never seem to get it finished but with new year looming it is time to hit publish for the last time this year.  2014 has been a big year of change for me and for my family – good changes and positive changes.  Changes that have seen me close down the online store and focus on my photography.  Changes that have kept me from blogging as regularly in the past few months – but life is busy and needs to be lived in the moment so I have been doing so.

Blogging really has changed since I began this little space way back in 2009 – I have changed since then as well.  So much seems to have happened in those 5 and a half years.  Our family has grown, I embarked on a new business and continued to change and evolve the business to fit my needs, interested and that of my growing family.  I feel so very blessed to be able to make changes to suit our needs and so the changes continue.

In 2015 my baby girl Indiana starts school – she is so excited and I am sure would give up her summer break just so she could go to school tomorrow.  My big 10 year old Sienna starts at a new school next year also so with this brings new adjustments, new routines, different locations for drop offs and pick ups that are no longer 2 minutes walk from our home.   Sofia will take on the role of being the big sister who gets to walk Indi into school in the mornings – a task I am hoping gives her that sense of importance she craves being the middle child.

The biggest change that has occurred in house in the past six months however has been that of our health and wellbeing.  Personally I have embarked on living a very Paleo or whole food way of life – I no longer eat grains, sugar or processed food.  I am cooking and preparing more meals than I ever have and feeling the benefits in more ways than I can describe.   Mr A  has jumped on board and is loving all the food I am preparing for the family.  I am taking things a little slower with the kids but we have managed to change a lot of bad habits and will continue the process to good health for as long as it takes.  As I have learnt during my research over the past few months, while my kids don’t show physical intolerance signs that are typical with wheat and dairy, they most definitely posses attributes of anxiety and moodiness – all which is related to the food you eat and the way your body handles it.   So we are taking a new road – a road which has it’s battles especially for my middle baby who loves her “white food”.

So with all this in mind it is time for the blog to move away from being about “parties” so to speak – that doesn’t mean they won’t be here as  I love a beautifully styled party and to photograph the amazing details that come with special events is truly something I adore.  I am working regularly for some wonderful Cake Artists photographing their incredible work and I can’t wait to continue this into 2015 but I also hope 2015 sees a few different photographic opportunities.  

I am keen to try things a little different in the space – regular posts with my favourite images – some from the work I do for others and a lot of personal things I take because I love being behind the camera.  I have not been great at sharing images lately as I am constantly searching for the perfect image (too much of a perfectionist! or I think I need to save the image for a detailed blog post so I am challenging myself to share images just because – there does not need to be a story to go with it – maybe a word or two and sometimes some background to the shot but just get it out there will be my aim for 2015

My photography workshops will also continue in 2015 and I will have new dates up in the shop soon. 

So to finish off this post, an image.  Gluten free Christmas baking with the girls!  
Hope you all had a super Christmas and the new year brings you love and happiness!