September 14, 2014

I am joined today by Fiona from Craft Hunter who has a wonderful blog filled with fantastic DIY tutorials, tips and idea.

Fiona is sharing with us her Confetti Gift Wrap Tutorial today – here is what she has to say about this fun DIY Gift wrap.confetti-leaf6-1-of-1

I wanted to make something bright and happy to decorate a special present, and with a bit of sticky tape and hole punched scrap paper, I got just that. In true Fiona style this project is super easy and literally takes less than 5 minutes – so there’s no excuse to give a boring gift. Actual confetti would of course work splendidly too, or a fun collection of cut up shapes… or chunky glitter!confetti-leaf8-1-of-1

To make some confetti leaves yourself:

Lay out a few pieces of sticky tape, sticky side up.
Make them slightly overlap eachother so you create a bit of a sheet
Sprinkle on your confetti goodness (mine are just from a standard hole punch)
Layer more tape on top, sticky side down
Cut your leaf shape and you’re done.

Simple and very cute indeed!


You can visit the Craft Hunter blog here or find Fiona on Facebook